For the second year we returned to spend the summer at the Altanea Camping. What can we say: the staff is fantastic and makes you feel at home.


Portogruaro, city to discover

Portogruaro and Concordia Sagittaria are our native towns and where we still live!

Portogruaro is a beautiful town about 30 km far away from the campsite, very important in the Middle Ages thanks to the port connecting the hinterland with the sea. Peculiar for its buildings built on the banks of the River Lemene, Portogruaro can be considered similar to other cities of Veneto such as Treviso, while maintaining its distinctive identity.

One of the local and most interesting attractions are the water mills, of the medieval periods, location of the Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art.

Concordia Sagittaria, an ancient Roman colony

Concordia Sagittaria, although not well known, is a little jewel of the Roman and Medieval period. Central hub of trade, it was destroyed by barbarians during the invasions. This wound caused many problems to the citizens, who settled in other areas, including the areas nearby Portogruaro. If you are interested in Roman history, you will be interested in visiting it so that you can admire the beauties still visible within this city.

We can guarantee that these two towns, despite unjustly forgotten by the "mass tourism", are a perfect destination for a trip out to discover the beauty of this land, its traditions and local culture. Some of us likes to say that "in the 90% of the places all over the world, you should pay a ticket to have access to a city like Portogruaro!" And all things considered, Concordia Sagittaria, with its Roman ruins is hardly less so.

We are sure that when you come back home you will thank us for this advice! Come to see us at the bar or at the reception and ask us directly what you want to do and visit. We will be happy to help you!