Super management. We are new campers and our choice, by chance, fell on this camping: I wish they could be all like that!



Art. 1 Primary norm.

The entry to the camping implies the acceptance and commitment to comply with the internal Regulation and any other rules that Management deems appropriate to issue. Before staying, please READ CAREFULLY THE FOLLOWING INTERNAL RULES.

Art. 2 Expulsion.

Management reserves the right to require the guest to leave without prior notice if he/she is failing to observe this regulation or causing damage or disturbance to other guests and / or campsite staff.

Art. 3 Guests and visitors registration and check-in.

a) The entry is strictly forbidden to unauthorized people. On arrival every guest and visitor must present an identity document (ID card or passport) for registration. Management reserves the right to take legal action against those who will be found inside the campsite without regular registration.

b) During certain high occupancy periods, Management, at its own discretion, may require each guest to wear an identification bracelet that will be delivered on arrival upon registration.

c) Visitors are allowed from 8.00 to 21.00. Visits lasting more than two hours must be paid according to daily rates. If visitors want to use the campsite facilities such as the swimming pool or showers, they shall be required to pay the daily rate even for visits of less than two hours.

d) Visitors who are going to stay must notify it to the Management in order to fill in the Public Safety form.

e) The fee for any visitor must be paid at the end of their stay.

f) Management reserves the right to restrict the entry of visitors consistent with the availability within the campsite.

g) In order to protect your privacy, except with the express written permission of the person concerned, it is not possible to give information about guests staying at the Campsite.

Art. 4 check-out.

On departure, pitches must be vacated by 22:00 (from 6th to 20th August 2016 pitches must be vacated by 12.00 p.m.) and housing units by 10 a.m. After this time, it shall be required to pay a daily rate.

Art. 5 Balance and deposit.

a) Management reserves the right to ask any guests of rental units a deposit of € 100,00 which will be fully refunded on departure if the unit has been left with no damage and clean.

b) The balance of the units must be paid at the time of check-in.

c) Management reserves the right to request advance payment to daily guests with tent or camper van/ caravan.

d) At the time of booking it shall be required a deposit of 25% of the total value of your reservation. In case of cancellation, the deposit will be fully refunded if communicated more than 30 days prior to arrival. For cancellations received from 30 to 15 days prior to arrival 50% of the total cost will be charged and for cancellations received less than 15 days prior to arrival full payment will be retained.

Art. 6 Respect for the environment and neighborhood.

a) During the silence hours, from 13.00 to 15.00 and from 23.00 to 07.00 a.m., it is forbidden to make noise that might disturb other guests. TV and radio equipment must be kept at a low volume. It is forbidden to enter, move and leave the campsite with any motor vehicle. During this time the entry and exit barriers will be closed. Those returning at the camping at night are required to take special attention. Exceptionally, during some special events, the time of night silence will be postponed to 23.30.

b) It is strictly forbidden:

  • to damage plants and the camping equipments. In particular it is forbidden to tie chains, wires and cords of any kind to the plants without adequate protection;
  • to pour salty liquids, acids, oils or liquid waste on the ground;
  • to light barbecues and open fires (e.g. candles, etc.) to avoid fire risks or problems associated to smells and fumes. Guests are only allowed to use the dedicated public barbecues and they are required to pay maximum attention and keep nearby a bucket of sand or water to prevent any spread of flames;
  • to hunt or harm the animals of the campsite, such as rabbits, hares, squirrels, birds etc.;
  • to throw rubbish without separating waste. Paper and waste must be placed in special tightly closed plastic bags before being thrown into the bins. The campsite has a careful cleaning service but we rely on our guests’ help to keep it neat and tidy. Please use the sanitary facilities properly as each sanitary block has a specific function. Besides, we kindly ask you not to waste water, especially drinking water.
  • to wash dishes, food or do laundry in the campsite’s fountains dedicated to collect drinking water, and connecting equipment and machinery of any kind to the white water discharges. The water discharge is only permitted in the equipped pitches;
  • the movement of any motor vehicles inside the campsite must be reduced as much as possible. The speed limit is 5 km / h. Pedestrians and bikes always take precedence.

As provided for by legislative provisions it is forbidden:

  • to use candles and gas stoves for lighting. It is also strictly forbidden, outside of authorized areas, to light fires or barbeques. Gas stoves and grills must be positioned and used paying attention not to cause a fire to flammable materials in the vicinity;
  • to leave any kind of unattended flame;
  • to use any type of gas or electrical equipment missing the respective EC type-approval;
  • smoking in the whole swimming pool area;

Art. 7 Parking

a) The access to the parking is allowed only to the campers regularly registered at the Reception.

b) Campers must park their vehicles within the pitch. If this is not possible, the vehicle must be parked in the parking indicated to them by the management staff.

c) It is strictly forbidden to park within free pitches or common areas. However, it is allowed a quick stop for all loading and unloading operations.

d) Campers must park their vehicles within the dedicated parking spaces. The cars out of place will be removed and the owners will loose their right of access to the parking.

Art. 8 Use of pitches.

a) Each pitch is equipped with a 6 amps electric socket and a drinking water tap. Campers will be provided with an electricity and water hook-up. The campsite does not guarantee pitches with water drain connection. In this case it is strictly prohibited to make a new one without the approval of the Management.

b) It is forbidden to make permanent or semi-permanent changes and/ or maintenance to the pitches; Campers causing damages/inconveniences will be charged for the relative expenses of the pitch maintenance works.

c) It is forbidden to install washing machines and dishwashers inside the pitches area. Otherwise, the management will proceed with their removal and the charging of the relative expenses.

d) Any form of sub-letting of pitches is prohibited.

Art. 9 Swimming Pool.

a) The swimming pool is reserved exclusively to the guests of the campsite and any temporary paying guests.

b) The management takes no direct and indirect responsibility for people entering the pool area and using it.

c) During the closing time, specified on a visible sign, it is strictly forbidden to enter and use the pool.

d) Before entering the pool people must rinse their feet and leave their slippers outside the fence.

e) It is strictly forbidden the consumption of drinks, sandwiches, snacks, etc. inside the pool area.

f) Children under 12 years must be accompanied by their parent.

g) During the ordinary and / or extraordinary maintenance the pool entrance is not allowed.

h) It is strictly forbidden smoking in the pool area.

i) Pets are not permitted inside the pool area.

j) It is forbidden to bring sun lounger inside the pool. It is possible to use only those provided from the campsite.

Art. 10 Minors.

Minors are admitted only if accompanied by parents or relatives. Children must be accompanied when using the campsite’s facilities (sports facilities, playground, etc.), and sanitary facilities. If using bicycles, they must ride at a limited speed. Taking part in organized entertainment activities (competitions, games) are under your own responsibilities.

Art. 11 Cats & Dogs.

a) pets are allowed only if:

  • on arrival, this regulations is accepted and signed;
  • vaccinated and the owners provide their vaccination booklet at the Reception;
  • dogs are kept on a leash outside of the pitch (and in the case of particularly aggressive dogs also muzzled under the Ordinance 03/03/2009 of the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Policies) and cats kept in pet carriers for transport;
  • taken outside the campsite for their business which have to be cleaned up immediately.

b) It is strictly forbidden to bring pets inside the toilet facilities.

c) Pets are not allowed to go outside their pitch in order to avoid disturbing neighbours.

d) It is forbidden to leave your pets alone inside of pitches or units

e) Too noisy pets will not be allowed to remain in the campsite.

f) Owners are responsible for any damage caused by their pet to property and people.

Art. 12 Personal effects.

Campers’ personal belongings are kept entirely at their owners’ risk. The Campsite cannot accept responsibility for any loss, theft, and for any damage to campers’ equipment.

Art. 13 Liability.

The Company CAMPING CAORLE S.R.L. as owner, and the company MDB srl, as Management of Altanea Green Camping declines any liability for damages of any kind to people and / or property, caused by: fire, hail, thunderstorms, south-west wind, whirlwinds, floods, and as consequence of these, fall of plants, branches and / or pine cones. The management also declines any liability for accidental, exceptional events and facts, or cases of force majeure and for damages to people and / or things due to sudden interruptions or non-delivery of gas and / or water and / or electricity. Management reserves the right to remove or make remove by a third party (charging the cost) any dangerous equipment during or as a result of fire and / or excessive wind or rain, even in the absence of the owners and without give them advance notice.

Art. 14 Regulation changes.

MDB Company srl as management of Camping Altanea reserves the possibility to amend this Regulation as a result of causes and / or regulations imposed by the authorities such as: Remediation Consortium, Public Security Consortium, Region, Province, Municipality, Local Health, etc. and / or causes of common sense and civil coexistence.

Art. 15 Court of jurisdiction.

For all disputes is determined as court of jurisdiction the Court of Venice. Guest expressly waives the jurisdiction of any other judicial authority.

Art. 16.

For anything not expressly provided for in this Regulation, reference is made to the Law rules.


The Management

Altanea Green Camping