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A sprightly and spontaneous entertainment team

During the entire 2021 season, due to the regulations for the containment from Covid-19 infection, the proposal of the usual planned animation activities could be canceled and / or subject of program changes.

Entertainment?? What’s this?? Think about the usual entertainment you saw on your last holiday in a village or campsite.

Well ... Now, easily, forget it !! At the Altanea Green Camping anybody will not claim to "organize" your days of vacation! We are sure that you are perfectly able to do it yourself!

Here, it simply works like this: we organize several activities both for children and adults, with the aim to promote occasions for guests to socialize and interact with each other. Our entertainers, inspired by imagination, organize a variety of activities to give your holiday the right touch of cheerfulness and joy.

Our initiatives

Depending on your tastes, you are free to take part in the different activities we offer.

For children we organize several workshops throughout the day, (usually according to their requests) and then concluding after dinner with the baby dance show (which, to be honest, it often ends up "not so baby "!!).

For adults we offer theme nights, live music, group sport activities, soccer games, water aerobics classes, card tournaments, dancing nights, karaoke, etc. Quite simply, for sure you won’t run short of recreation opportunities!