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The campsite’s minimarket

Did you forget the toothpaste at home or you run out of milk? No problem! Inside the bar you can find an area where you can buy the essential goods you need.

We are a small campsite that hosts a relatively small number of guests. Then you will understand that it would not be possible to manage a supermarket without being forced to raise the prices of the products. For this reason, we decided to put inside the bar some shelves with all the essential goods you may need also daily ensuring fresh bread and milk (at the same prices as you can find in big supermarkets).

If you need more...

For fruits and vegetables you can go to "Faraon stall" located just a hundred meters on the right from the campsite, while for everything else, about two kilometers away, you can find the biggest supermarket in the area selling everything you may need.

We apologize in advance for this lack of service but we believe that, in general, if it is worth doing something it is worth doing well.

Eventually, we daily buy the goods from our suppliers. Should you need something and you don’t want to go to the supermarket, just tell us! We are always available in helping you to get you what you want.