Family campsite. Quiet and suitable for families with children and teenagers. Well equipped with games for children.


Our large swimming pool

What better refreshement on a hot and sunny summer day than a good swim?
Our swimming pool, comfortably seized and surrounded by nature, is waiting for you ready to offer you the relaxation and refreshment that you want.

We decided to keep the lawn surrounding the pool as we do not like at all the idea of cementing the whole area. We believe you will agree with us in saying that a beautiful green area, always well prepared and well kept, is first of all, more beautiful to live and, not least, much more in line with the principles and the "green" philosophy that characterizes the entire campsite.

The depth of the pool ranges from 1.20 m to 1.40 m. The continued presence of a lifeguard allows you to swim and have fun with your friends and your family in complete safety. We kindly ask you to respect his instructions and recommendations.

Entertainment and relaxation

Both children and adults can freely take part in the daily activities such as water aerobics, zumba, dance groups etc. organized by the pool. Occasionally the pool will be available also for evening openings (from 20.30 to 23.00). This special event always receives a positive feedback by guests. It's summer! And a swim under the stars is a pleasure that we do not even dream to deny you!

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